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Currently, Yoga Oasis, Hawaii is closed until further notice.

Yoga Oasis with Hayward in the Philippines
is now Open!!!

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We would like to invite you to visit our retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the Puna district. This is a retreat center to get away from it all, and we are away from it all! We're offering this center to individuals and group leaders for exclusive use and personalized programs.

We are a short drive to the ocean, natural thermal hot springs, sauna steam caves, a black sand beach, surfing, snorkeling, tide pools, Lava Tree State Park, farmers market, hiking to Green Mountain & Green Crater Lake.
We are a secluded and private sanctuary, off the beaten path, nestled on 26 acres of lush rain forest and on Solar Power! We are surrounded by over 44 species of bamboo from all over the world. The road is lined with coconut palms, papaya, banana, mango, avocado and a vast array of colorful, fragrant flowering plants. Sun, occasional rain showers and a temperature which ranges from a perfect 65 to 85 degrees year round is considered normal weather. We have an organic fruit orchid, garden and local organic farmers, which we draw from to create our sumptuous vegetarian cuisine. We are 45 minutes from Hilo Airport, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, home of Kilauea, but only twenty minutes from where the lava is flowing into the ocean.
Mostly undeveloped and untouristed, the Big Island of Hawaii still retains the rich atmosphere of old Hawaii. We are near the ocean, yet in a remote area.


Although there are many places called paradise on the planet where one can retreat or vacation, but none combines all of the energy fields of earth, water, wind and fire like Puna, Hawaii. Why is this so?

Puna has the thinnest tectonic plate on the planet. The lava is flowing just 1500ft below and just a short drive away you can see the lava flowing down the mountain. This lava flow creates an electromagnetic field that is both centripetal and centrifugal. Those who are sensitive can feel the centripetal force which draws them to live and stay. Others who feel the centrifugal energies leave after a few days. This earth fire has created the hot waters and steam caves for purification and rejuvenation.
The lava, once cooled, becomes the most fertile substance on the planet. The lava has monatomic elements which increases the potency of taste of the food and beauty of the tropical flowers. Sitting at the base of some of the largest pyramid mountains on earth, Yoga Oasis is base camp. Here the earth energies allows for restoration of youth and vitality through cellular rejuvenation.

The Big island is surround by some of the deepest waters in the ocean. The whales and dolphins often come to play. The water energies wash and cleanse the mind and body with it's constant pounding surfs. This opens the Third Eye through sound meditation. Just 18 inches above the surface of the water the oxygen is at its highest. Early morning chi kung in the hot ponds with the sun on the horizon allows for Instant Manifestation of Thought through focused meditation.

The air quality in Puna, Hawaii is the freshest air on the planet! We are on the eastern most tip of the Big Island where the air quality is measured every day. It reads that the air quality is the highest. Why?
The Hawaiian Islands are situated under a giant waterfall of super pure air pouring down from the highest stratosphere which swoops down onto the islands.
Yoga Oasis is situated in the last of the sea level jungle rain forest in Hawaii. The jungle exudes oxygen and the bamboo which grows here gives off up to 30% more oxygen than most plants. We are sitting in an oxygen breathing chamber where even the pores of our skin breathes better.

Puna, Hawaii is sitting on the 19th parallel. At this latitude, the sun's angle of cosmic rays streaming onto Hawaii is optimal for ultra violet sunlight therapy. When the sun is on the horizon the sunlight enters the optic nerve going to the hypothalamus gland which releases all of the neuro peptides chemicals like serotonin and dopamine's which makes us feel good about ourselves. This opens the gateway to the next dimension through positive affirmations like, "Good morning sun, It's great to be alive!"

Puna is the land of the back to nature living! Eco villages and alternative lifestyles, and sustainable permaculture farming where some of the most delicious fruits are grown.

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Develop your yoga practice in an expansive 1,500 square foot yoga studio with 18 foot high pine beam ceilings, studio quality sound system, and a state of the art "spring" floor.
Two open walls are screened with fantastic views into the jungle.

Soaking in the warm springs

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Mission Statement

The traditional Hawaiian meaning of Aloha is:
"May the breath of God be in your presence."
Come to the Big Island of Hawaii and breathe the freshest air in the world! From the moment you land in Hawaii your sense of self begins to transform.
Experience a paradigm shift of your own consciousness.

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Breathe deep, relax, follow your dreams and listen to your heart...

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