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How do I Book a Eco Adventure?

Contact us for availability
808-936-7710 or 800-274-4446

tide pools
Snorkel at Kapoho tide pools

Arrive into Hilo Airport, Hawaii.
You can rent a car or pre book a shuttle for $60. We are approx. 45 minutes from the Hilo airport.

Eco Adventure Tours Offered:

Day in the Water:
Start the day in the GeoThermal warm springs and go for a swim in water that is 80 degrees... with the ocean waves breaking over the side of the pool. Snorkel at Kapoho tide pools. Then, take a steam bath in underground saunas, picnic lunch at Mackenzie Lava Tube Park, afternoon swim at Kehena black sand beach and then on the way home take a stroll through Lava Tree State Park.

Day at the Volcano:
Drive to Volcano National Park. Take a 5 mile hike through old craters and fern forests. Walk through Thurston Lava Tube. Picnic looking over the edge of a giant crater. Spend the afternoon down at the lava flow exploring the newest land on the earth and watch the hot lava make its way into the ocean.

Day at the Waterfalls, Exploring and Farmers market
Head into old town Hilo. Shop for local and handmade crafts and taste exotic fruits at the farmer's market. Visit Rainbow falls. Enjoy a coastal walk on the historic Kings Highway through large mangos with the ocean splashing against the shore. Bask in the soothing waters at the end of the trail. Explore tide pools and watch for sea life...turtles, snokle, dolphins, whales.

Day going deep into the earth or white sand beaches and Hapuna
Visit Waipio Valley, a lush green valley with 4,000 foot headwalls. Spend the day exploring amazing waterfalls, rivers and streams to the sea. Picnic lunch on the black sand beach in the valley. On the way back home, drive the scenic route to the beautiful Botanical Gardens and visit Akaka Falls.

Day to Touch the sky and breathe the Air
Travel to the highest mountain peak on the earth. Mauna Kea, measured from the ocean floor to top, reaches beyond 30,000 feet and is home to the goddess of snow, Poliahu. We will make our way slowly up her slopes, stopping off for short hikes and adjusting for altitude. On the top there is an alter where we can make offerings and watch the sunset. Then back at the visitors center to stargaze through giant telescopes with expert astronomers on hand.

All tours subject to change for weather or other conditions

black sand beach
Sunday drumming circle at Kehena Beach

black sand beach
Hiking at Green Lake

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